Treasuring our National Parks

Appreciate them while you can

In the United States, we are fortunate enough to have some of the most sensational National Parks in the world. From the frigid Maine coast all the way down to arid desert of Southern California – people travel far and wide, year after year, to bask in our natural wonder.

Yes, they are conveniently domestic to us Americans. That doesn’t mean they’re all easy to visit. Some boast landscapes that are visually stunning but challenging to traverse. To not take advantage of the National Parks while able-bodied is to waste a valuable opportunity.

Visit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Upon looking closer at the National Park system, you’ll find that there are certain parks, which absolutely must be visited in one’s lifetime. The most prevalent is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, located in the Western Slope of Colorado. This breathtaking spectacle is a haven of activity – biking, hiking, camping, fishing, you name it.

The Black Canyon Motel is located in nearby Montrose, Colorado. Understanding the intrigue and whimsy that the area has to offer, we’ve made our establishment available to travelers for competitive rates. Visit our website or call (800)-348-3495 for more information on reservations!