A sabbatical from the traditional vacation

Spring is here, which means spring break has arrived. The time of the year when the nation’s youth take a break from their studies to have fun. Traditionally, many of these spring breaks are spent in a tropical climate, far away from books and classrooms. But as the beaches uncomfortably fill up with a hoard of wild youth, the beauty of Montrose, Colorado awaits, ready to impress with its splendor.

Revel in the beauty of Western Colorado

Opting for a spring break filled with nature and serenity isn’t the most popular choice, but it certainly is an amazing one. The Black Canyon National Park, a nearby feature of Montrose, is truly a sight to behold, inspiring all who amble among its storied trails. It is a much more powerful place to enjoy than the same old beach, with the same old activities. A spring break spent in Montrose resembles an actual break, time away from the hustle and bustle.
When you decide to head over to Montrose, whether for a spring break, summer, or winter, the Black Canyon Motel is ready to take you in. Our accommodations rival the tranquility of the area, serving as a fit dwelling for a sincerely meaningful spring break.
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