Montrose Hotels


Relief from a day at a Black Canyon National Park

If you are in Montrose, Colorado, odds are, you are visiting Black Canyon National Park. With a number of incredible activities, it is one of the most quality National Parks in the U.S.

This is why you need quality lodging in Montrose to follow up exhausting days at Black Canyon.

Quality lodging offers:

Hot Tub and a Pool

Black Canyon wears out muscles. The soothing waters of a pool or hot tub (or both!) alleviate the soreness that is common with highly active muscles, preparing you for the next day’s activities.

A Bed

Although camping is an adventurous option, it can get old. Motel lodging provides big, comfortable beds that ensure a night’s rest following 8+ hours on your feet. Wake up warm, refreshed, and with a great attitude, ready to go out and adventure.

Complimentary Breakfast

Out at Black Canyon, you’re going to be constantly thinking. Which way next? What time is it? Is that safe? Take a break in the morning, don’t worry about breakfast and head down and enjoy a prepared meal. It’ll lighten the mental load that can increase with a physical day.

Montrose and the Black Canyon National Park are daring wonders. The Black Canyon Motel serves as the relaxing compliment for these majestic destinations. We are surrounded by the beautiful scenery and offer all these amenities and more.

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